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Tips for Writing Top-notch CVs for Tech Roles

The Tech and IT industries are among the top growing industries today. In fact, Zippia reports that the tech industry makes up 35% of the world market, with the US tech industry employing over 12.2 million workers as of 2020.

This impressive growth of the tech industry, coupled with the large influx of skilled workers in recent years, has made the industry very competitive. One way to stand out among your peers is to have a top-notch technical CV that showcases your skills, portfolio, and accomplishments.

This article covers some essential tips to help you write a job-winning technical CV. It will serve as a guide to help you land your dream job.

Highlight Your Technical Skills and Core Competencies

Tech companies usually specify the job responsibilities and skill requirements. Once you’ve determined that you satisfy these requirements and can perform these responsibilities, you want to include the essential technical skills in your CV.

For instance, let’s say the company is looking to hire a senior mobile developer. In such a scenario, the required technical skills would include:

  • Deep knowledge of programming languages (like C#, Java, Objective-C, Javascript, and Python)
  • Proficiency in writing automated tests (in JUnit, Espresso, or XCTest)
  • Familiar with the JSON format
  • Familiar with RESTful APIs and mobile libraries for networking.

The Experience Section Must Showcase Your Achievements

The experience section of your CV should not only describe your responsibilities. It should also showcase how you performed these responsibilities and what you were able to achieve.

For instance, instead of writing “fixed software bugs and performance problems,” you want to write something along the lines of “Fixed performance problems by identifying bugs and ensuring clean, readable, and testable code, which led to a 23% increase in mobile app performance.”

Keep in mind that we are not saying you should exaggerate or misrepresent your experience. Instead, we want you to explicitly describe your experience and responsibilities and highlight your achievements.

Include Relevant Technical Qualifications and Projects

It’s not enough to list your skills and experience; recruiters also want to see your technical qualifications and relevant projects. So, for instance, you might want to list your education, relevant certifications, and supplementary courses you’ve completed from Coursera and Udemy.

In addition, your previous projects clear the doubts that recruiters might have about your claims. Therefore, it helps to briefly describe your project by including the project goal, the technology stack that you used, and the results you achieved. You also want to include links to your projects and your GitHub profile.

Once you have completed all of this and written a top-notch profile summary, proofread and edit your CV using spell check tools like Grammarly.

Do you want a tailored and achievement-based tech CV that can land you that dream role? Let us help you review your Tech CV.

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