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Read what our esteemed clients have to say about us

Do not take instructions and interview tips shared on this app as a joke. Write and internalize them. I must specially thank Dr. Dipo Awojide for all his fruitful efforts on successful job interviews. I had one yesterday and the panelist were wowed. I went prepared​


A great shout out to BTDTHUB for optimizing my CV and Cover letter. It is lovely

Richmond Setrana

I just got my CV review from BTDTHUB. Great work guys, its definitely better than it was. Its time to get some kick ass offers with this CV

Sisi Yeni
Even if you are not looking out. Coat your CV with fresh paint for XMAS and let BTDTHUB do it. You’ll be asking yourself if you’re really the one being described on paper. Yes it’s you; you really did all that. You needed to express things better.

So my CV was re-written by BTDTHUB recently, I love the new layout, the structure and the way my key skills were captured. I’m sure when I’m ready for the job market, I’m going to nail it. So what are you guys waiting for? Get your CV over for that new job

Oluwafemi Omodara

Thank you very much Dr. Dipo Awojide. You are one of the best things to have happened to me this year. The guys at BTDTHUB are the bomb. Is this my CV?  Wish I had invested in it earlier. I’m so grateful. Thank you

Omoremimeh Alake​

Received my reviewed CV today from BTDTHUB and I shooketh. Didn’t know I was this good.

Mogaji Muftau
I just got my reviewed CV from BTDTHUB and I love it

Better late than never. My friend who fixed his CV from BTDTHUB some months ago finally got a job after 6 years of hunting.

Orion Creations

So, I took a chance with BTDTHUB with my last NYSC allowance and boy. My CV, Cover Letter and Linkedin profile have been polished to shine.

My advice: Invest in yourself!​​​​​

Wulengme M Gonshing

Customer Appreciation Satisfaction tweet to Dr Ogbeni Dipo and BTDTHUB for delivery and exceptionally well articulated CV, Cover letter and Linkedin Optimization. I’ve never seen my CV & others so well organized & articulated. People don’t dull yourself. Get them to help you professionally.​​​​​


I have finally patronized BTDTHUB. I had a CV to edit but was short on time, so I decided to try them. Ii must say I’m impressed. Looking forward to joining your editing team when I have more free time.​


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