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Executive Education

As companies build the organisation of the future, continuous learning becomes even more critical for business success. Thus, we focus on identifying and addressing tough organisational problems which if solved would make a real impact on productivity and competitive advantage.

We also organise and deliver training courses for individuals. Our courses will push and challenge you to reach your full potential.

Creating a High-Performance Culture

Organisational culture, once established, has important influences on the strategy of an organisation. Although a judiciously shaped strategy may make or break a company, the influence of the organisational culture is paramount because it may make or break the strategy. Also, managers’ strategic choices are underlined by the belief systems or culture of their organisation. The culture influences the managers, and the managers influence the culture.

Importantly, a weak organisational culture is a recipe for inefficiency, poor performance and below-par service delivery. We will look at the challenges posed by local cultural values and norms and discuss their impact on your organisational strategy, processes, and the delivery of service in your organisation.

Thus, this interactive training is designed to give individuals and departments an in-depth understanding of the complexities of creating a high-performance culture to succeed in an increasingly dynamic environment. Our overarching aim is to provide insight in and understanding of the management challenges associated with developing and fostering a high-performance work culture.

Course Content:

  • Why Organisational Culture Matters
  • Why a Culture Might need Changing
  • Influence of Organisational Culture on Strategy
  • Influence of Organisational Culture on Managerial Behaviours
  • Organisational Culture: A Toolkit of Resources
  • Organisational Culture, Performance and Service Delivery

Strategy: Developing Competitive Advantage

Strategy is about the critical issues in organisations, making timely decisions and leading people through difficult and often uncomfortable changes. Anticipating and responding to change with appropriate strategic choices is a major challenge of management and leadership. Effective leadership can help to bring people with you and ensure their help and support.

Strategy also involves making goal-directed decisions and actions over the long-term to achieve competitive advantage and fulfil stakeholder expectations. It focuses on the present situation, the future, and how to get there. Thus, a company’s strategy encompasses its plan for superior performance and victory in competition with rivals and competitors. Ultimately, a sound strategy should produce a competitive advantage. Thus, our training on Strategy focuses on how companies can gain and sustain competitive advantages. 

Course Content:

  • Fundamentals of Strategy
  • Evolution of Strategic Management
  • Ingredients of a Successful Strategy
  • Scope and Levels of Strategy
  • Making Strategic Decisions
  • Building and Maintaining Competitive Advantages

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership is the ability to shape or influence the decisions made within organisations over time in a bid to deliver high value.  It involves inspiring, managing, and motivating employees in an organisation. Strategic leadership goes beyond the Chief Executive or Managing Director; it encompasses the whole team heading up the organisation. Ultimately, it entails leaders identifying and delivering the purpose of the organisation. Thus, this training is crafted to help develop and improve the leadership capabilities or leaders per managing teams, departments, or their organisations more effectively. 

Course Content:

  • High-performance Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Managing Communication and Information
  • Managing Time and Resources
  • Building High Performing Teams

Managing Strategic Change

Strategic change involves the proactive management of change in organisations to achieve clearly identified strategic goals. In dynamic environments, it is not a question of whether firms should change, but of where, how, and in what direction they must change. Our training on Managing Strategic Change is designed to equip and enhance the impact of individual’s (or groups of individuals) in understanding and leading change. 

Course Content:

  • An overview of Strategic Change
  • The need for Change and Organisational Renewal
  • Revolutionary Change, Evolutionary Change or Continuous Change?
  • The Process and Approaches of Managing Change
  • Dealing with Resistance to Change
  • The Role of Leadership during Change
  • Adapting to Environmental Changes and Maximising New Opportunities
  • Developing a Strategic Change Programme

Leading From the Middle

Are you a Branch or Departmental Manager looking to improve your knowledge, skills, confidence or aspiring for a senior management role? Would you like to improve your performance or gain a competitive advantage? This middle managers’ personal and professional development programme is for YOU. The programme is specifically designed to offer clarity and help improve your personal and professional effectiveness.

Course Content:

  • Managing Your Career and Building Your Personal Brand
  • Reviewing Your Skills Portfolio and Personal Profile Analysis
  • Middle Management’s Contribution to Strategy
  • Divergent and Integrative Roles of Middle Managers
  • Managing Teams (Skills, Competencies and Capabilities Required)
  • Managing Conflict and Team Dynamics
  • Managing Communication, Information, Time, and Resources
  • Values, Ethics, and Integrity Issues in the Workplace
  • Building Key Relationships
  • Interviewing for Your Next Role

Tailoring and Customisation

These interactive training programmes retain the flexibility to diverse organisational or cohort needs. It can be tailored and customised to suit organisational, or cohort needs upon consultation.

Price Guide

  • Course fee per Delegate – N100,000 ($200)
  • Course fee + CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Optimisation – N150,000 ($300)
  • Course fee for Companies (20-30 Delegates) – N2,000,000 ($4,000)

The Result You Can Expect

Our trainings are designed to provide up-to-date information and knowledge in major areas of Organisational Culture, Strategy, Leadership, and Change Management. This will assist in improving the collective capacity of individuals and departments in your organisation.

Specifically, the anticipated outcome of our trainings is a well-informed, dedicated, enthusiastic, and motivated organisational champions. These champions will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and foster a high-performance work culture in your organisation. This will assist in improving your organisational performance, service delivery and competitive advantage. Specifically, after this training, delegates will be able to:

  • Critically appraise the strategic context of your organisation and be aware about planned responses.
  • Deal confidently with the problem of cultural change in your organisation.
  • Critically evaluate the problems likely to be encountered in implementing strategic and cultural change and be able to identify suitable solutions for overcoming these barriers.


  • Olufemi Awoyemi – Chairman of the Board at Proshare Nigeria
  • Shola Ajani- Management Coach, Business Consultant & Trainer
  • Binta Max-Gbinije (Former Head, Commercial Banking & Public Sector at Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc & Current Financial Services Executive)
  • Aloy Chife, PhD – Managing Partner/CEO, Saana Capital, LLC
  • Frank Nweke II – Edward Mason Fellow, Harvard University, Member Nigeria’s Federal Cabinet 2003-2007 & DG, NESG 2009-2014
  • Dipo Awojide, PhD – Senior Lecturer, and Management Consultant

Selected Clients

  • Vitafoam Nigeria PLC
  • Goldfire Nigeria Limited
  • Ledrop Nigeria Limited
  • Oakwell Partners
  • Budgit Foundation
  • Modion Communications

Other Courses

Personal Branding

In this course, you will learn how to design your personal brand. You will define your goals, mission statement and branding strategy so you can craft your personal image. The course also explores self-marketing strategies and how to deliver the designed brand to maximise exposure. In this highly practical course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Effective Branding: What is personal branding and what is the 5-Step approach to personal branding.
  • Defining Your Expertise: How should you approach personal branding and what is your expertise?
  • Defining Your Mission Statement: What is a mission statement and what are the areas to consider when creating an effective mission statement?
  • Crafting Your Branding Strategy: What are effective branding strategies and what can you learn from the world of marketing?
  • Designing Your Brand: What strategies can help you become more memorable and what should you consider for brand identity and uniqueness?
  • Delivering Self-Marketing: What are the important areas to consider when marketing yourself and what strategies can help you in self-marketing?

Who is it for?

This course is for mid-level professionals looking to design their personal brand and image to help increase popularity and confidence so you can make yourself known, get more opportunities and achieve career advancement. The course is also for entrepreneurs looking to develop expertise and build credibility which allows them charge more from clients.

Public Speaking and Presentation

Are you a Branch or Departmental Manager looking to improve your public speaking and presentation skills? This middle managers’ personal and professional development programme is for YOU.

Training Content

  • Need to Communicate Effectively
  • Modes of Communication
  • Preparing your talk
  • Delivery (voice, visual aids)
  • Getting Better

Who is it for?

This course is for mid-level professionals looking to build confidence and hone their skills for more powerful public speaking

Managing your Career 

More than ever before, it is important to take charge of your career and future so that you can find the fulfilment that you deserve. Following a pattern or proven strategy can be helpful in achieving this fulfilment be it job security, promotion, or career advancement.

Key Benefits of Training: In this highly practical course, you will discover and learn how to manage your career and gain the job security, promotion, and career advancement that you desire and deserve.

Programme Content

  • Research and Self-Assessment
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Reviewing Your Skills Portfolio
  • Personal Profile Analysis (Personal SWOT Analysis)
  • Reskilling and Upskilling for Promotion or Career Pivot
  • Promoting Yourself

Who Should Attend: This course is for entry-level or mid-level professionals looking to take charge of their career and future. It is also for those looking to improve their knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Microsoft Office

MS Office is widely used in business and office environments on a day-to-day basis. It is used to manage office requirements in all industries. This Masterclass is an expert instructor-led training delivered over two days. The Masterclass is for those who are completely new to Microsoft Office or those looking to refresh their skills. The Masterclass will help your team gain the necessary Microsoft Office skills and assist them become more productive in the workplace. We train on the basic, intermediate, or expert level of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook.


  • MS Excel (Data Tracking, Writing Formulas to Perform Calculations on data and Presenting data using Professional Charts, Formatting as a Table, Conditional Formatting, Headers, Footers, Adding and Customizing Charts, Pivot Tables)
  • MS PowerPoint (You will learn how to Create, View, and Present Slide Shows that combine Text, Shapes, Pictures, Graphs and Charts, Themes, Photo Styles, Selection Task Pane, Packaging for CD / USB, Enhanced Slide Masters)
  • MS Outlook (Understanding Business and Personal E-mail Management Tools, the to do Bar, Daily Task List, Quick Flags, Categories, Keyboard Shortcuts, Sharing Calendars and Contacts, Public Folders, Rules)
  • MS Word (You will learn how to Produce Documents using MS Word, Format Mini-Toolbar, Styles, Table of Contents, Headers and Footers, Quick Parts (formerly AutoText), Building Blocks, Smart Art, Mail Merge)


Upon completion of this course, your staff will be able to Start Microsoft Office applications and work with the Microsoft Office interface, create documents in Microsoft Word, create workbooks in Microsoft Excel, create presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, and work with calendars in Microsoft Outlook.

Price Guide

  • Course fee per Delegate – N50,000 ($100)
  • Course fee + CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Optimisation – N100,000 ($200)

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