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Enterprise (MSME) Development

We help establish businesses, promote them, and connect vendors and customers. For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), we offer the following services:

Small Business Masterclasses & Webinars

Starting a Small Business

Starting a small business or social enterprise is an increasingly popular route after university for a lot of young people. This Small Business Masterclass is for anyone who is thinking of starting a business. The Masterclass will enhance your knowledge, skills and boost your confidence. It covers the following topics:

  • Your Business Idea: Identifying and Clarifying your Business Idea and what you are going to sell
  • Your Customers: Customer Identification and Market Segmentation and Positioning
  • Competitor Analysis: SWOT Analysis and Your Value Proposition (USP)
  • Marketing, Advertising and Branding Strategy: Using Social Media
  • Generic Strategies: Your Business Model, and Gaining and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage
  • Why Products and Companies Fail
  • Managing Your Team
  • Creating a Business Plan and a Pitch Deck
  • Business Registration
  • Testing Your Business Idea on a Small Scale
  • Vital Skills and Lessons needed to Thrive

Scaling a Small Business

This Masterclass is for anyone who is thinking of scaling or growing a small business. Scaling or growing a business is achieved when you exponentially increase your revenue. The Masterclass will enhance your knowledge, skills and boost your confidence to take your business to the next level. The Masterclass covers the following topics:

  • Clarify Your End Goal
  • Refining Your Value Proposition
  • Implementing Customer Feedback and Building on Tacit Knowledge
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Finding the Money to Execute Your Plans
  • Perfecting Your Product or Service
  • Investment in Automation and Technology
  • Building a Community
  • Building a Great Team
  • Focusing on Continuous Improvement
  • Building a High-Performance Culture

Brand Identity (Websites, Graphic Designs, Logos and Flyers)

If you run a small or medium scale business (providing a service or selling a product) and you want to promote it to a wider and broader audience on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we have the right marketplace solution to meet your needs. Speak to us to discuss how we can help advertise your products or services.

Your brand identity is who you are as a company and how you present yourself to the public. You present your brand/corporate identity to the public using your website, logo, letterhead, business cards, stationary, flyers, taglines, colours, and your social media pages. This presentation should set you apart from your competitors.

Our creative department provides distinct and cutting-edge digital solutions for corporate businesses. With big ambitions, we develop compelling digital brand experiences such as corporate branding, graphic design, website design, and marketing design services to improve your bottom line.

We understand that brand/corporate identity is fundamental to the success of your business and we want to see you stand out and be heard. Therefore, our aim is to transform your ideas into unique and distinct designs and help you convey your brand/corporate identity excellently.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in storytelling, design, and building, we capture the essence of your brand by designing websites, logos and flyers that reflect the brand/corporate identity you wish to convey. Specifically, we specialise in bespoke and high quality:

  • Web Design and Development – N150,000 ($350)
  • Creative Graphics Design (Logo) – N20,000 ($50)
  • Creative Graphics Design (Flyer) – N4,000 ($10)
  • Creative Graphics Design (10 Flyers) – N40,000 ($100)
  • Creative Graphics Design (20 Flyers) – N70,000 ($150)
  • Creative Graphics Design (30 Flyers) – N100,000 ($200)
  • Creative Graphics Design (50 Flyers) – N160,000 ($350)

We will listen, learn, get to work, design, roll out, and engage with you all through the process. Our brand/corporate identity service will help you increase brand recognition, attract the right customers, create customer loyalty, and improve your bottom line.

trade Shows & Exhibition

Trade shows and exhibitions have been a popular means of marketing products, services and businesses. Some of the advantages of our trade shows and exhibitions include:

  • Meeting and connecting with prospective customers
  • Learning about new developments in your industry
  • Closing deals and selling to a wider audience
  • Improving brand visibility and awareness
  • Networking and advertising opportunities

Digital Marketing Strategy for MSMEs

If you want to write a detailed Digital Marketing Plan or Proposal, send us a message today. Service charge for the BTDT Digital Marketing Plan is N50,000 ($120).

Email Marketing Services for MSMEs

Take your business to the next level with a BTDT email marketing plan for just N20,000 ($50). You will be able to showcase your products or services to thousands of subscribers on BTDT’s mailing list. Features include:

  • Defined elements or objectives of advertisement
  • Creation of bespoke and responsive newsletter for target audience
  • Access to real-time information of prospects and customers
  • Access to advert report highlighting open and click rates of newsletter 

Social Media Management Services

Want to spend less time building your digital brand yourself? Get a BTDT Community Manager to help create and distribute content that delivers your brand promise to the right people, at the right time and on the right media platform. Features include:

  • Creation or set-up of profile information
  • Creation of a BTDT Content Planner
  • Management of platform by a dedicated BTDT Community Manager
  • Creation of customized content on platforms to deliver your brand promise/interact with audience
  • Showcasing your products within the BTDT Community
  • Delivery of weekly analytics and performance report of posts

Monthly Social Media Management Services on Twitter or Instagram – N80,000 ($200)

Monthly Social Media Management Services on Twitter and Instagram – N120,000 ($300)

Product Management Services for MSMEs

Are you ready to transform your MSME into the income-generating powerhouse you envision? Get a BTDT Product Manager to provide support services for defining feasible product lines for your business, analyzing market and competitive conditions, and designing strategy for the product launch. The features include:

  • Proposing market fit and user adoption features of product
  • Creating roadmap and design to align with product vision
  • Coordinating go-to-market (GTM) strategy of product
  • Highlighting sales engineering and customer support areas

Product Management (Lite Plan) – N100,000 ($250) (2 months)

Product Management (Plus Plan) – N150,000 ($370) (4 months)

Curation of Social Media Content Calendar

Effectively manage your content creation and distribution on Twitter and Instagram daily with BTDT Content Planner. Showing up every day gets better and effective with BTDT Content Planner. The features include:

  • Flexible 30-day planner
  • Tailored media post ideas for your business
  • Crafted pitches to showcase your business and products/services
  • Reference guide of holidays and notable dates
  • Access to BTDT Hub’s Telegram Community
  • Access to virtual trainings

Content Planner for Twitter or Instagram (1 month) – N20,000 ($50)

Content Planner for Twitter and Instagram (1 month) – N30,000 ($75)

Business News Updates/Newsletters

We also share useful industry information, hints and tips which might help improve your business, improve your competitive advantage or help you stand out.

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