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Youth Empowerment Programs​

We organise interactive, engaging and intellectually stimulating conferences, masterclasses and other careers related events to improve the career and personal development of young people. 

Legendary Leadership Lessons

The aim of our Legendary Leadership Lessons Conference is to inspire, motivate and empower young people who are or who wish to be in positions of leadership. Delegates learn key leadership lessons on integrity, honesty, determination, courage, commitment, passion, confidence, goal setting and positivity.

Career Success Stories

Career Success Stories presents an opportunity for successful people to tell their stories of resilience, discipline, determination and excellence. It is an avenue for BTDT Hub to celebrate successful professionals in Business, Governance, Politics, Academia, etc. Our intention is to empower, educate, inspire and motivate young leaders and entrepreneurs from across the world.

Careers & Employability Masterclass

This Masterclass is designed to give participants the practical means to transform their personal and professional life. The Masterclass will give them an opportunity to reflect on themselves inside out, thus, enabling them to improve their potential both in and out of the workplace and be well-rounded individuals ready for the job market. It covers:

  • Knowing Yourself and Exploring Choices: Confidence, Self-Esteem and SWOT Analysis, Skills Audit, Personal Development Plan and Managing Your Career
  • Developing Employability Skills: Report Writing, Delivering Effective Presentations, Personal Effectiveness, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Commercial Awareness, Assertiveness, Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making
  • Personal Branding: Creating a Winning CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and Effective Networking
  • Job Hunting: Application Forms, Acing Interviews and Assessment Centres
  • Study Abroad: Self-Sponsorship or Getting a Scholarship Abroad

Business Start-up Masterclass

Starting small businesses or social enterprises is an increasingly popular route after university for a lot of young people. The Business Start-up Masterclass is for anyone who is thinking of starting a business or developing a current business idea. It covers:

  • Identifying and Clarifying a Business Idea (Customer/Market Segment Analysis, Competitor and SWOT Analysis, Business Model and Value Proposition (USP), Branding and Marketing Your Small Business)
  • Testing a Business Idea on a Small Scale
  • Creating a Business Plan or Pitch Deck
  • Business Registration
  • Vital Skills/Lessons needed to Thrive


We believe our message of contributing to youth development resonates with your customers or constituents, and that together, we can help more young people fulfil their potential via personal development events. We are asking you to join us by investing in a Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsorship Package.

As your branding and marketing partner, we take our sponsorship agreement seriously. You make a promise to invest in young people and in return we promise to deliver the best sponsorship benefits out there. Contact us for more details.

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