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BTDT Careers Academy

A core priority of the African Development Bank Group, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Commonwealth is providing economic empowerment through decent work, i.e. supporting young people’s greater access to decent work and productive employment. The African Development Bank Group outlook for year 2020 and beyond specifically suggests that a key reason for the low contribution of human capital to labour productivity in Africa is the mismatch between young workers’ skills or education and the needs of employers.  

Therefore, the BTDT Careers Academy provides practical, effective, and impactful trainings for individuals and organisations. We coach, mentor and train graduates and entry-level professionals intensively and equip them with the necessary employability and transferability skills needed to successfully navigate the labour market or set up their own small business. Attending our trainings could serve as a signal to employers that you are keen to develop your competencies, thereby improving chances of advancing your career or landing a new job.

These trainings are also useful for those looking to improve their efficiency in the workplace or those looking to make a career transition. We can arrange these trainings IN-HOUSE for organisations; delegates are offered a CERTIFICATION on successful completion of training. These trainings include:


Personal Branding Masterclass

In this course, you will learn how to design your personal brand. You will define your goals, mission statement and branding strategy so you can craft your personal image. The course also explores self-marketing strategies and how to deliver the designed brand to maximise exposure. In this highly practical course, you will learn:

Introduction to Effective Branding: What is personal branding and what is the 5-Step approach to personal branding?

Defining Your Expertise: How should you approach personal branding and what is your expertise?

Defining Your Mission Statement: What is a mission statement and what are the areas to consider when creating an effective mission statement?

Crafting Your Branding Strategy: What are effective branding strategies and what can you learn from the world of marketing?

Designing Your Brand: What strategies can help you become more memorable and what should you consider for brand identity and uniqueness?

Delivering Self-Marketing: What are the important areas to consider when marketing yourself and what strategies can help you in self-marketing?

Who is it for?

This course is for entry-Level and mid-Level professionals looking to design their personal brand and image to help increase popularity and confidence so you can make yourself known, get more opportunities and achieve career advancement. The course is also for entrepreneurs looking to develop expertise and build credibility which allows them charge more from clients.

Faculty: Dr Dipo Awojide


Business Analysis Masterclass

The Business Analysis Masterclass is for anyone who wants to take their first step in a Business Analysis career path by attaining a certification that employers around the world respect and value.

Who is it for?

The Business Analysis Masterclass is designed for professionals who want to understand Business Analysis, those who want to support change and those who want to improve business processes. The training is suitable for Business Analysts, Business Managers and members of their team, Business Change Managers and Project Managers. It is also suitable for professionals looking to start a new career or make a career change.

What are the Entry Requirements?

  • There are no entry requirements for this certification.

What You Will Learn?

This training will help you understand how to identify and evaluate options for improving a business and help you develop skills and knowledge to support successful business change programmes within an organisation. Specifically, you will gain a broad understanding of business analysis, including:

  • The Role and Competencies of a Business Analyst
  • Investigation Techniques, including Interviews, Observations, Workshops and Prototyping
  • How to Categorise, Analyse and Manage Stakeholders
  • How to Model Business Processes
  • Making a Business and Financial Case and Assessing Feasibility
  • How to Establish, Document and Model Requirements.

Faculty: Oluwafemi Omodara, Experienced Business Analyst


Project Management Masterclass

Why Project Management?

It is a growing Industry: Employers are actively looking to fill many Project Management positions.

More Job Opportunities: A growing industry which tend to pay much more than average, with a mean annual salary of N2,760,000 in 2020.

Many Career Options: Apply skills to almost any career option or path you want to pursue.

Be a Changemaker: PM help shape the success of organizations and have influence over all areas of a business.

High Salaries: PMP certified project managers consistently make 20% more than those without certification.

Move within Industries: Develop skills that are transferable to any project, business or industry.

Project Management Certification Paths

Project Management Professional (PMP): Certification credible in more than 85 countries It has become the gold standard of Project Management across the globe It is recognized across multiple industries and in many countries.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM): An entry-level certification for project managers. It allows those with less experience to demonstrate their familiarity with the profession. It’s ideal for those who aren’t quite as advanced in the field.

BTDT Hub’s Project Management Masterclass will cover requirements for both the PMP and the CAPM.

Training Outline

  • How to Deliver Projects on Time, on Budget, and to Requirements
  • Growing a Successful Career as a Project Manager
  • How to get Stakeholder buy-in and Senior Management support
  • A practical guide on how to use KPIs and Metrics to understand and Manage Project Success
  • Planning, Acquiring, Developing, and Managing the Project Team
  • Managing Project risk and prevent project issues
  • Mastering Microsoft Excel for Project Management: Controlling, Tracking, and Reporting
  • Coverage of the PMP exam objectives and everything you must know to pass the exam.

 Faculty: Fejiro Gbagi, Experienced IT PMP


Other Masterclasses

  • Web Development and SEO
  • Investment Banking
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Cyber Security
  • Graphics Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning


Careers and Employability Bootcamp

The Careers and Employability Bootcamp is designed to give participants the practical means to transform their personal and professional life. The Bootcamp will give them an opportunity to reflect on themselves inside out, thus, enabling them to improve their potential both in and out of the workplace and be well-rounded individuals ready for the job market. It covers:

  • Knowing Yourself and Exploring Choices: Confidence, Self-Esteem and SWOT Analysis, Skills Audit, Personal Development Plan and Managing Your Career
  • Developing Employability Skills: Report Writing, Delivering Effective Presentations, Personal Effectiveness, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Commercial Awareness, Assertiveness, Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making
  • Personal Branding: Creating a Winning CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and Effective Networking
  • Job Hunting: Application Forms, Acing Interviews and Assessment Centres
  • Study Abroad: Self-Sponsorship or Getting a Scholarship Abroad
  • Microsoft Office for Beginners: Details below

MS Office is widely used in business and office environments on a day-to-day basis. It is used to manage office requirements in all industries. This Masterclass is an expert instructor-led training delivered by instructors with a minimum of 10-15 years’ experience. The Masterclass is for those who are completely new to Microsoft Office or those looking to refresh their skills. The Masterclass will help you gain the necessary skills demanded by employers or assist you progress in your career. It covers:

  • Excel (data tracking, writing formulas to perform calculations on data, presenting data using professional charts, and navigating MS excel worksheets)
  • PowerPoint (creating, viewing, and presenting slide shows that combine text, shapes, pictures, graphs, and charts)
  • Outlook (understanding business and personal email management tools)
  • Word (producing outstanding documents using MS word)

The Careers and Employability Bootcamp will run over a period of 4 Saturdays. Participants will get an opportunity to visit a few organisations during the duration of the programme. They will take a test, complete a coursework and get certified by BTDT Hub. The Best Graduating Participants (Top 5) will also get a free CV and Cover Letter review.


Services for Universities and Colleges

We help University students develop useful practical lifelong skills. We provide bespoke seminars and masterclasses on Careers and Employability, Small Business or Microsoft Office to improve and increase their employability and enterprise skills.

We have delivered these masterclasses to students at Loughborough University (UK), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), University of Lagos (Unilag) and University of Ibadan (UI) amongst others. 

Our services make students become super-employable or business oriented thus providing them significant advantages in their personal and professional life.

Interested in our service?