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Managing & Leading Strategic Change

In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, nothing stands still for long. For leaders, the challenge is to understand how to navigate the latest developments and lead strategic change in response. Strategic leadership and change management are a continuous and ongoing combination of art and science that assures alignment of your organisation’s strategies, structures and processes.

Key Objectives of Training

Strategy is about the critical issues in organisations, making timely decisions and leading people through difficult and often uncomfortable changes. Anticipating and responding to change with appropriate strategic choices is a major challenge of management and leadership. Effective leadership can help to bring people with you and ensure their help and support.

Thus, this interactive training is designed to give individuals and departments an in-depth understanding of the complexities of managing and leading change to succeed in an increasingly dynamic environment. Our overarching aim is to provide insight in and understanding of the management challenges associated with developing and executing change.

Also, a weak organisational culture is a recipe for inefficiency, poor performance and below-par service delivery. We will look at the challenges posed by local cultural values and norms and discuss their impact on processes and the delivery of service in your organisation.

Overall, the training is designed to provide up-to-date information and knowledge in major areas of Organisational Culture, Strategic Thinking, Leadership and Change Management. This may assist in improving the collective capacity of individuals and departments in your organisation

Content Covered

Our interactive training retains the flexibility to diverse organisational needs. It can be tailored and customised to suit your organisation, upon consultation. It covers:


  • Fundamentals of Strategy
  • Evolution of Strategic Management
  • Ingredients of a Successful Strategy
  • Scope and Levels of Strategy
  • Making Strategic Decisions

Managing Change

  • An overview of Organisational Change
  •   The need for Change and Organisational Renewal
  • Revolutionary Change, Evolutionary Change or Continuous Change?
  •   The Process of Change
  •  Dealing with Resistance to Change
  •    The Role of Leadership during Change
  •  Adapting to Environmental Changes

Leadership Development

  •  High-Performance Leadership
  •  Transformational Leadership
  • Managing Communication and Information
  • Managing Time and Resources
  • Building High Performing Teams

Organisational Culture

  • Why Organisational Culture Matters
  • Why a Culture Might need Changing
  • Influence of Organisational Culture on Strategy
  •  Influence of Organisational Culture on Managerial Behaviours
  • Organisational Culture: A Toolkit of Resources
  • Organisational Culture, Performance and Service Delivery

The Result You Can Expect

The anticipated outcome of our training is a well-informed, dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated organisational champions. These champions will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage strategic and cultural change in your organisation. This may assist in improving your organisational performance, service delivery and competitive advantage. Specifically, after this training, delegates will be able to:

  • Critically appraise the strategic context of your organisation and be aware about planned responses.
  •  Deal confidently with the problem of change management in your organisation.
  •  Critically evaluate the problems likely to be encountered in implementing strategic and cultural change and be able to identify suitable solutions for overcoming these barriers.

Price Guide

Cost Option 1: In House Interactive Training

DescriptionCost15 Delegates20 Delegates30 Delegates
Facilitators (Days 1-2)N500,000N500,000N500,000N500,000
Training Centre00.000.000.00
Training Material/Delegate25,000375,000500,000750,000
Net Total 1,025,0001,200,0001,550,000
VAT & Administration10%102,500120,000155,000
Gross Total N1,127,500N1,320,000N1,705,000

Cost Option 2:  Out of Office Interactive Training

Description Cost 15 Delegates 20 Delegates 30 Delegates
Facilitators (Days 1-2) N500,000 N500,000 N500,000 N500,000
Training Centre N200,000 N200,000 N200,000 N200,000
Training Material/Delegate 25,000 375,000 500,000 750,000
Refreshment/Delegate 10,000 150,000 200,000 300,000
Net Total 1,222,500 1,400,000 1,950,000
VAT & Administration 10% 122,500 140,000 195,000
Gross Total N1,347,500 N1,540,000 N2,145,000